What to look for when choosing a microblading artist

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Beauty

One of the most important things to factor in when you want to absolutely love your microblading, is the artist you choose to do the job. When you are looking for the perfect person to do your brows, make sure that they are a highly-trained artist committed to proper hygiene and sanitation and five-star customer service. Study your artist’s work through their social media or website portfolios, read their reviews and see if you know anyone who has had their brows done by them. Check-out where they received their training and if it was from a certified school or reputable Microblading Academy. Artists like these will have mastered color theory, shade matching, brow design and how to enhance facial features through microblading eyebrows.

OK, I Found an Artist I Like, Now What?

The initial consultation with your artist is where you would get color-matched and receive a patch test to ensure that there are no irritation or allergies to the dye. A consultation could be the day before your first microblading session or longer. Make sure that before your consultation and the first microblading session, you steer clear from any tanning or treatments that won’t allow for an accurate shade matching. During the consultation, your artist should go over everything you will need to do before your brow-boosting appointment. They should advise you to avoid blood thinners like alcohol, aspirin, and ibuprofen for 72-hours. You’ll also want to skip strong facial treatments, exfoliation and chemical and dermal peels two weeks before your microblading sessions.

Let’s say that everything is all good from your skin’s perspective and it’s time for the first microblading session. The first session will take about two to three hours. Your artist will factor in your bone structure, discuss your brow style and figure out your perfect brow shape and placement. They will collaborate with you to decide on what you like best and won’t start working until you’re 100% happy. They should have color-matched you at your consultation and your shade formula would have been documented and ready to go for the application.

The actual microstroking should only take 30 to 45 minutes. Just relax and focus on your breath. In just a few moments, you should have the brows of your dreams—and they will stay that way! By the time many people are ready for their touch-up, they want their brows to be darker and can’t wait for their appointment.

What to Expect After

So, now it’s time to see your new brows! Initially, your eyebrows are going to be a lot darker and for some, fuller than you have ever seen them. You might feel like Eugene Levy for an hour or so but should adjust to the new change. The pigment starts fading pretty quickly and should settle within two weeks.

At the end of the process, your artist will go over all the information you will need to take care of your new brows post-microblading. There are some definite rules that you need to stick to make sure that your brows heal without looking patchy. There are special techniques for cleaning the healing skin, applying aftercare ointments, and to avoid getting your brows wet. Everything that you did before the process; no tanning, alcohol or harsh peels, still stands for up to two more weeks. Keep out of any place that will have you sweat a lot like saunas or strenuous workouts. Even if you’re addicted to eyebrow makeup, you’ll need to stop using it for about ten-days to allow your new brows to heal.

The healing process can be a little tedious, and you might want to scratch or pick at the skin but don’t— not following a proper aftercare routine is a recipe for patchy-looking brows and a lot of money down the drain. After four weeks, you can start to see how the color heals into the skin. Certain places on the skin could absorb the ink differently—especially if you don’t take care of your new brows. After your eyebrows heal, you will be able to see if there’s any patchiness or what you may need at your touch-up appointment.

The Second Microblading Session

Fast-forward about four to six weeks later, and you’re ready for your first touch-up. This session will be shorter than the first session because your shape is already there. Your artist will only need to fill in any areas that weren’t opaque enough or add any missed details. If you didn’t follow a proper aftercare routine, your appointment can take longer so that the artist can try to repair any damage caused.

Now your brows are ready to be on-fleek for a long time to come. Remember, the longevity of your new brows will depend on how close you stick to the post-care guidelines. So now that you know pretty-much everything about microblading, go out there and start checking out the most highly-trained artist you can find and enjoy that brow life!

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