Master the art of tattoo removal

Learn how to remove semi-permanent makeup and tattoos from your customer’s skin. Without lasers or surgery.

Class Description

Being able to correct or fix mistakes crucial. Tattoo removal is an essential skill to have and a very important service to be able to provide for your clients.

This training is a one-day advanced course for those who already have a foundation in permanent cosmetics. In this course, you will learn the Alkaline solution removal method. With this technique, we use our OMB Pro machine and an alkaline solution to remove unwanted pigment.

It’s a safe and natural removal method that does not require lasers, and it’s ideal for correcting brows and lips.

You will receive all the necessary materials and a personalized kit with your course. This is a hands-on experiential course where you will perform the procedure on a live model.

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Bonus unlimited mentoring/coaching program

Live models to work on so you can perfect your skills

Full certication & licensing


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Learn how to remove semi-permanent makeup and tattoos

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