Introducing our official 6 Figure Microblader Club

Introducing our official 6 Figure Microblader Club

Introducing our official 6 Figure Microblader Club

Today we’re very excited to introduce our new 6 Figure Microblader Club. Yes! We are proud to showcase to the world the results of our hard-working students who have achieved an income of 6-figure per year helping their customers look their best.

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But you know the best part? You can also be part of this special club! The only requirement is to be really good at what you do, working hard to make your customers happy so they come back for more, and promote your services effectively.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but it’s possible if you have the right training, mentoting, and tools. That’s why I want to invite you to take action and enroll into Our Microblading & Ombre Shading Mastery Class.

It’s one of our most popular courses because it teaches you everything from A to Z to become a succesful microblading artits, like our 6 figure earners.

You can do it!

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4 Ways To Get Raving Referrals for your Beauty Business

4 Ways To Get Raving Referrals for your Beauty Business

4 Ways To Get Raving Referrals for your Beauty Business

Word gets around fast! As social creatures, whether we have had exceptional or frustratingly poor service, we tend to want to share our experiences with our friends and family.

This is the very principle of business references, which most business owners know very well. Provide your customers with high-quality service and make it easy for them to share your experience, and they probably will.
The final result? More customers, more business and more overall satisfaction!

However, like anything else, there is an art in getting good references.

In this blog post, I will recommend 5 successful strategies to get customers for your beauty business. So here we go:

1. Be Social on Social Media.

Just because you’re behind a computer or your phone, doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Social media is a free way to promote and rapidly boost your beauty biz. These are my favorite three social networks for my beauty biz.

Facebook Business Page-
Even if you don’t spend a ton of time marketing on Facebook, having an accurate listing here is important because it will help boost your SEO (search engine optimization). It’s also a great way to promote any event you organize or promote any special offer you’re organizing. The best part is that it is free and very easy to set up. On this page, you can share content, post before and after pictures, customer reviews, and much more which will give your beauty biz.

I know, I know! As a beauty business, Yelp can be your biggest nightmare… BUT, it can also be your greatest ally. Make sure you have a Yelp account and that your current customers know you have a Yelp account, so they can scream from Yelp rooftops about how much they love you!

In addition to bringing you more customers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise, it will also help you with your SEO (similar to Facebook). Having an incentive in exchange for a review is a great idea to increase the number of reviews.

In the not-so-distant past, if you wanted your name to come out, you had to hire an advertiser or an advertising agency. Today, the control is in your own hands with the power of social media, especially Instagram!

Among all social networks, Instagram has the highest engagement rates for our industry. Use your Facebook friends to suggest your Instagram page to your Facebook friends, it’s the easiest way to gain followers and create an audience that already likes your messages!

Connect your Facebook to your IG and then publish the same content separately. Instead of always linking the Instagram message, you can tailor it to your audience by linking the articles to your messages.

Post consistently in times of high engagement: For Instagram, you want to publish at least once a day, as a minimum. Also, make sure that your Instagram is a “Business Account” so that you can track the stats through your Instagram control panel. My favorite is to engage with my community with Instagram Live.

This gives me the opportunity to ask questions that future customers have, demonstrate procedures, promote upcoming courses or specials, and much much more. When creating a post or using story or live features, always remember to have a call to action in your posting.

2. Turn your “customers” into “promoters”.

As we mentioned before, word of mouth is very important! So it wouldn’t hurt to ask your customers if they have friends who might be interested in coming in for microblading, Ombre Shading, Permanent Makeup or any other service you offer! But don’t just ask, give them an incentive to refer you! A good idea is to hand out small reference cards to our customers. Every friend or person she refers to her business gives her a discount on future treatments!

I also recommend using online tools to help make the referral process easy. Tools like Referral Rock and Synup make it easy to build referral campaigns and have analytics to help you optimize your referral strategy.

3. Participate in local events.

Another idea to get new customers is by setting up a table at events in your community. Holiday events, small business events, or even farmers markets can be a great way to build rapport with your community.

Even if people don’t become customers immediately, they notice you and begin to recognize your name. Big marketing companies claim that people usually have to hear about a brand 8 times before they buy something! This means that the more they have contact with you, the more likely it is that they will become your customers.

BUT, setting a table is not enough. Make sure you’re offering something tempting to sign up for your email list and give a compelling offer to generate sales from your table. People love great deals and will say yes if it’s a good enough deal. This transforms “peekers” into “buyers”. Doing a raffle or giveaway in your vendor area is always a good idea so you can build your email or text message list.

While participating in local events, don’t forget to network with other vendors. Your neighboring vendors and sponsors can be a great source of referrals. Ask them their favorite and best well-attended events so that you can participate in those events too and starting creating a yearly list of community events you can participate in.

4. Form Strategic Partnerships

Determine who already has large numbers of your ideal existing customer target and sell that customer base non-competing, complementary products or services.
Make a list of at least 10 complementary product/service providers and then approach them and form strategic relationships to offer your products/services to their customer base as part of their sales process.
There is no faster way to get exposure to and convert huge groups of other people’s existing customers into your customers than to form sustainable long-term integrations with strategic partners who already have a large existing base of your ideal customer and also have predictable selling and customer acquisition systems in place that ensure a steady flow of new customers to your beauty business.

Finally, if you liked these tips, don’t forget that here at The Brows Academy we have courses for a variety of high-level procedures to add your beauty business, so you can serve your customers while increasing your income.

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New video for our BB Glow Mastery Class!

New video for our BB Glow Mastery Class!

New video for our BB Glow Mastery Class!

We shot a new video for our upcoming BB Glow Mastery Class. This beauty procedure is taking the market by storm because of the instant results your customers can experience!

Watch the video to get all the details:

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Become a working microblading artist we are you best option to learn all the insider secrets you need to master this lucrative and rewarding craft

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The Three Hottest Services to Add to Your Beauty Business Right Now

The Three Hottest Services to Add to Your Beauty Business Right Now

The Three Hottest Services to Add to Your Beauty Business Right Now

Staying competitive in the beauty business means not only knowing what the hottest beauty trends are, but which ones to offer as well. If ’you’re a hairdresser, you might have added keratin blowouts to your service menu, as an eyebrow artist, you could have learned how to thread and added it to your skillset. These are both excellent services to offer, but as technology, treatments and tastes advance; there is always something new to learn. And you know you want to be on top of all that new-new. Well, we’ve got the low-down on which services are most in-demand and why they’re the ones that you NEED to add to your service menu. Here are the three hottest services to add to your beauty business right now!


Eyebrow embroidery isn’t new, it’s been popular for a while, but now that all of the non-believers and the skeptics have gotten wise to the wonders of microblading, the masses are here for it. This semi-permanent procedure gives you full-time-brows-on-fleek in a short amount of time. This service’s popularity has continually reached new heights, and it doesn’t seem to be going down.

Microblading is not like old-school brow tattooing and the days of badly-faded green or red brow tattoos are over. With the modern inks and application processes of microblading, it has evolved into a sustainable brow tattooing method that can serve looks that lasting for up to three years! Microblading is a process where ink is implanted under the skin with a handheld bladelike tool instead of an electric-powered needle. The ink gets applied in hairlike strokes for the most natural-looking brow tattooing method ever.

Microblading has gotten so advanced that artists can even perfect an obmre brow. An ombre is where the brow is softer toward the front and gains intensity as it goes back toward the tail. The brow receives a gradient, powder-like fill effect that looks like Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows after a beauty session with Anastasia herself. Knowing how to microblade and how to do a powder fill is like mastering two brow services in one.

As more and more people are getting on board for microblading, the demand is going through the roof and so is the competition. But have no fear, bad microblading is another result of the treatment’s gaining popularity. Clients are still going to ensure that they get the best for their money. Did we mention that you can charge an average of $400 per treatment? So, if you’re going to add microblading to your service roster, train with the best in brows and go to a reputable microblading academy or don’t even bother. If you want to step out of the crowd, you’ve got to set yourself for success and that means starting off on the right foot.

Even though microblading has been around for a minute or two, it stands firm on the top of our list of the three hottest services to offer your clients, and we mean it.


Microneedling is just what it sounds like it is—micro-needles poking the skin over the face. It may sound prickly but there is minimal discomfort, and it is an in-service to have. The microneedles move over the face to depositing collagen skincare deep into the skin, deeper than a lot of other treatments without as much downtime if any. The needles cause microscopic punctures on the skin stimulating it to treat its wounds. While the skin is repairing itself, it also works on other issues. It’s a version of an intense resurfacing treatment that ups skin’s building blocks, AKA the production of collagen and elastin helping to diminish the look of scarring, shrink pore size and deliver beneficial ingredients to go deeper into the skin. Let’s just say, its fabulous.

There’s virtually no downtime for such a high-impact treatment and it offers noticeable results like tighter skin and the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and reduced pigmentation. Here’s how the procedure is done. A light numbing agent gets applied over the surface of the skin. Your face is then layered with collagen-enhancing gels before the microneedling process begins. After, the post-treatment includes masks and products that can be tailored to the client’s skin type and concern while assisting with skin’s healing process.

The popularity of microneedling is commonplace even though it can cost someone $400 and up for the service. Having microneedling added to your business is a low-cost and long-term investment and will be on trend for a long time to come.

Lash Lift

Hold up! You might not believe that you could find another service as awesome as the previous two, but a keratin lash lift might be the reigning queen. A lash lift is like a perm for the lashes and something that can be done in the same amount of time as a lash tint but with even more eye-popping results. In 30 minutes, your lashes will be flawlessly curled for eight to twelve weeks. This quickie service is a low-cost investment for a beauty technician to offer and makes its money back very quickly. A lash lift service itself can start at $50 and go to over $100 per client.

Lash lifting is so hot because a lot of people prefer it to uncomfortable lash extensions as they are easier to maintain and can have all the mascara they want 24-hours after the service. Yes, there are ways to make your lash lift last longer, but, for the most part, its on-point as a low maintenance fan-favorite. Other cool things about lash lifting are that lash hairs can be “frozen in place” so that you can adjust wild hairs, elongate tightly-curled lashes and give an upward curve to down-turned lashes that will last for months.

There are a lot of fantastic services to add to your beauty business, and if you already offer the above three, then you’re ahead of the game. When you’re looking to bring some new flavor to your business and haven’t decided on where to begin; look into microblading, microneedling or lash lifting because as you can see, they can give you the most satisfaction for your clients and for your business.

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7 Ways Microblading Can Transform Your Beauty Business

7 Ways Microblading Can Transform Your Beauty Business

7 Ways Microblading Can Transform Your Beauty Business

Any time you add a service to your beauty business, you have the opportunity to grow your business in a number of ways. From the way you market yourself to the types of clients who come your way, you never know how wide your circle of influence can reach with a new service. Microblading isn’t your typical beauty service, and it can offer an immediate shift in your business model from the moment you sign up for training. Here, we will show you seven ways to boost your beauty business through microblading.

Microblading Can Open You Up to New Communities

First things first, if you pick up your microblading skills from a brow academy or institution, you could have a built-in community of support. A microblading academy can open you up to like-minded beauty pros from your teachers and colleagues to the staff and product vendors. High-quality microblading academies will also offer post-training support, job placement and coaching. You can also join various online, professional microblading communities to expand your knowledge and relationships. The more professionals you work with, the more you can exchange invaluable advice within your beauty community.

The types of clientele that you might attract can be as diverse as your colleagues! Those interested in microblading and permanent cosmetics might be different than your regular brow, makeup or hair clients for example. Since microblading is a semi-permanent treatment, you are opening your business up to die-hard brow enthusiasts or people with deep, personal brow struggles that stem from things like alopecia, trichotillomania or chemotherapy. Serving these communities can be just as, if not even more rewarding than the clientele you already know and love.

Microblading Can Give You a New Way to Connect with Clients

As mentioned, eyebrows can be a very personal thing for people. Since brows help others determine your emotions, frame the face or display the latest trends; those with little-to-no brows can have some major feels about their lack of thick, balanced brows. For some, microblading can be the ultimate no-makeup confidence booster. If you can imagine how a fresh manicure can make you feel, you might be able to understand what it’s like to finally have a more permanent solution to something that might have been a big insecurity.

For clients with already-awesome brows, you could be giving them more time with their kids in the morning, more confidence in their makeup routine or simply gorgeous brows. Microblading can be more than just a hot new beauty treatment, but a serious solution to some deep-seated issues that you could be offering your clients, and that’s a pretty powerful thing!

Microblading Can Put You on the Leading Edge of a Hot New Service

Eyebrow tattooing isn’t new but, in a world where nearly 40% percent of millennials and Gen Xers have tattoos and with the fading stigma surrounding bad eyebrow tattooing, microblading is continually opening itself up to a new class of clients. As a highly-searched topic, microblading is in demand more than ever, there is a shortage of truly-talented artists out there. Because of the nature of microblading, people are very cautious of bad work but aren’t deterred. A lot of people are thrilled about the possibilities of having new and improved brows. They are looking for the best, and the best just might be you!

Microblading Can Boost Your Beauty Street Cred

The more services you have on deck, the more you are seen as a well-rounded beauty authority. The phrase, “A jack of all trades is a master of none” is usually said without the second part of the sentence. The complete saying is actually, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Being a jack of all trades when having a beauty business can be the difference between being a success and needing to step-up your game. When you can do multiple services, you are seen as a go-to for all thing’s beauty. Your clients want to have you as a one-stop-shop for all of their beauty needs and concerns. When you have a detailed and high-level service like microblading under your belt, you are moving up to a next-level beauty pro.

Microblading Can Up Your Networking and Marketing Game

Now that you have a new service to offer and a broader demographic to speak to, you have a whole other avenue for networking and marketing yourself. As we said above, microblading can be a profoundly personal solution for people dealing with chemotherapy. You can not only leave your business cards at hospitals, support groups, and with local charities, but you can give back by volunteering your services in some way.

Your social media marketing can get a bump-up, too. With more than just your standard services to showcase, you can be answering a lot of questions for a curious, would-be clientele by posting info on how you shade match a client to how you plan the shape of your clients’ brows. Microblading can provide your followers with interesting posts, blogs or YouTube videos that build upon your already-existing content.

Microblading Can Make You a Better Artist

It’s one thing to have a solid grasp on brow artistry, it’s another thing to be a microblading master! The way you develop your craft is another reason to get your microblading skills through a reputable microblading academy where you’re held accountable to in-depth practice with a microblading expert to guide you.

The art of shaping the eyebrows depends on the natural growth of the brow (if there is any hair on the brow), facial symmetry, and careful measurement and mapping of the brow position based on facial landmarks and bone structure. Clients’ brow shade match is determined through their skin type and skin and hair tones and undertones. Even if you already are a stellar brow artist, your brow skills could seriously improve once you start microblading training.

Microblading Can Increase Your Cash Flow…A LOT

An entry-level microblader in the U.S. can potentially earn around $50 to $150 per hour working in a salon. If you have your own business and are adding microblading to your service menu, you can start at an average of $350 per client. Can you imagine only needing ten clients each month to bring in $3,500? And that’s just the beginning; as your business grows, your prices can grow. The more experienced you are and the more techniques you know (shading, soft tap, ombre, etc.), the more you can charge or the higher your hourly rate. $350 a client is just the average, in major cities, microblading can start at $400 to $500 and go all the way into the thousands!

In the end, as with any venture, microblading can only add to your business what you put into it, but even for a small investment of your training time and fees, your microblading business can make that back in just a handful of clients. The sky is the limit, and only you can say how much microblading can boost your beauty business!

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BB Glow: The Secret to Give Your Clients an Incredible, Radiant, Beautiful Skin

BB Glow: The Secret to Give Your Clients an Incredible, Radiant, Beautiful Skin

BB Glow: The Secret to Give Your Clients an Incredible, Radiant, Beautiful Skin

What is the BB Glow?

If you’ve ever loved getting a BB Cream foundation glow but wished you could have one on a more permanent basis, well what a time to be alive because the technology finally exists!

A BB Glow Facial is like microblading but instead of focusing on brows, the main focus is the facial skin. To get that glow, the treatment uses microneedling, a technique usually used just for skincare. A pigment is used with the microneedling and works as a semi-permanent skincare treatment and doubles as a BB Cream in how it minimizes the look of pigmentation, fine lines, redness and large pores. The BB Glow is like your primer and tinted moisturizer all-in-one but can last for up to a year.

What to Know About That Glow

Microneedling is a process that uses a small wheel that looks like a mini paint roller covered in tiny microneedles to roll across the face delivering skincare deep within the skin. It might make you wonder why anyone would want to do this in the first place, but celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are known to be fans.

As the needles create itty-bitty punctures in the skin called micro-tears, your skin doubles up on its collagen and elastin production as it works to heal itself from the micro-tears. After a day or two, your new skin should be ready to come out and play!

The difference between a microneedling roller and the BB Glow treatment roller is that the BB roller uses thicker needles to hold in ink and penetrate it deeper into the skin. Regular microneeding gets rolled over skincare serums while the BB Glow facial uses a cosmetic-grade pigment containing vitamins C and B3 to enliven and brighten skin while adding coverage. The dye itself is comprised of thousands of microscopic spheres of cosmetic-grade pigment whose particles are a lot smaller than regular tattoo ink. Unlike a lot of old-school permanent makeup ink, micro-pigment keeps its shade as it fades over time.

The number of passes applied will be the difference between having light or medium coverage. No matter how light you go, you will immediately begin to reduce the look of pigmentation, skin discoloration, scarring, rosacea, age spots and undereye circles. Currently, semi-permanent BB Glow pigments are only limited to three shades in light, medium and tan so darker skin tones will need to wait until the shades can be more inclusive.

How Much Does a BB Glow Treatment Cost

Depending on where you have the treatment done, the facialist you work with and the packages they offer, a BB Glow treatment can start at $600 for two sessions and go well into the thousands. With a BB Glow treatment, you get what you pay for, so it’s always recommended to only work with a highly-trained artist who has valid accreditation from a reputable school. Because the BB Glow is still a relatively new treatment, be aware of the necessary precautions.

Will You Like the BB Glow Facial?

It’s always recommended to do a patch test for all permanent makeup and to avoid it if your skin is prone to keloids—thick, raised scarring. Those with skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema should wait until their skin is in shape to have any permanent makeup done. Also, just like microblading pigment, a semi-permanent BB Glow isn’t regulated by the FDA so use your best judgment. Allergic reactions to the process are rare but when you get the patch test, place it behind the ear just in case of any redness or irritation. During your patch test, you can also start the shade matching process and dive right in when it’s time for your first treatment.

When you begin a BB Glow facial, your skin is prepped and readied to receive the pigment with a deep cleansing and exfoliation routine. Then, you will receive a numbing treatment that will sit for an hour or so to minimalize any possible pain while having the pigment implanted. Most people have compared the process to a mild inconvenience.

How the BB Glow is Applied

Your practitioner will layer the entire face with an even application of the tint—even your eyelids. Then, they will take out the microneedling tool and go over the entirety of the face in an even veil to give the skin full-spectrum coverage. It takes about two or three sessions to get the full effect depending on how much correction and coverage are needed but the difference can be noticeable immediately.

After the color application, a hyaluronic mask will be used to seal in the pigment with hydrating and nourishing moisture. Now, you’ll be ready to take a look at a version yourself that looks just like you but with a more even skin tone and a lack of redness or pigmentation.

For 24 hours after your treatment, you have to avoid getting the skin wet in any way, so make sure that there is no need to wear makeup or work out after—you now have an excuse! Just go home and have a literal Netflix and chill time to keep you relaxing indoors and out of the sun while your skin heals. The need to stay out of the sun shouldn’t take more than a couple of days but always keep your sun care and hats with you before you leave the house.

Living That Glow Life

After the top layer of skin heals, you will notice a more radiant-looking complexion and a subtle lightened effect. Skin will look and feel softer and more hydrated. A BB Glow treatment helps to reduce melanin production, so it can help to prevent future pigmentation too!

You might have to freshen the treatment every three months to once a year depending on how your skin works with the pigment and what kind of coverage you’re looking for but be careful because it’s easy to become addicted to waking up to flawless-looking, glowing skin every morning!

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