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I already had a makeup background. I was working with clients for over 13 years as a freelancer, determined to never go back into working for another brand because I value the indepence of having my own business.

I was already familiar with how important is shaping the brows to achieve a professional look on my clients.

What I needed most was truly understanding the microblading technique for a far more permanent result.

One day I was on Instagram and came across with a post from The Brows Academy. I noticed that a couple of my friends were already following them. I did more research and asked directly to a couple of the academy students and they spoke highly of Vicki and the training in general.

I enrolled but It wasn’t until I took the first class that I actually fell in love with microblading. I held off on doing it because I was scared of using a needle and the blood. But after finally learning the technique and making sure I was doing it correctly, I developed a true passion for it.

Going through The Brows Academy was a great experience. Overall, I loved the instructor, the facilities, the practice, everything!

I am still working on achieving a better work/life balance. I love the flexibility of being able to schedule clients when better suits me. Being able to go home if I need to, and being my own boss, are things truly important for me.

My end goal is to open up a bigger storefront where I can offer many services. Right now, I am taking it step by step.

you can be here too!

Yes, you can be a 6 figure microblading artist too. Our Microblading & Ombre Shading Mastery Class is an intensive program designed to introduce you to the world of microblading, the most popular treatment in semi-permanent makeup

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